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General Medicine & Surgery

At Baldwin Animal Clinic, we are devoted to providing you and your pet with the best care possible. Our veterinarians know what diseases to vaccinate against and utilize only high-quality, proven reliable vaccines that have been handled and stored appropriately. Simple steps like regular vaccine boosters maintain good health for pets reducing the risk of contracting a serious, costly and sometimes fatal disease. As the interval between some pet vaccinations has lengthened, the need for regular check-ups every year remains an important step in keeping your pet healthy.

Other simple steps include check-ups, testing for intestinal parasites, heartworm testing and preventive medication, teeth cleaning, good nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight and other key areas that help pets live longer healthier lives. We will ensure that all necessary treatments are explained and offered at your pet’s regular or routine vaccine and preventive care visits.

The experienced doctors at Baldwin Animal Clinic also treat pets with minor illness, major disease, and critical or even life threatening injuries. It is always best to seek medical care for your pet as early as you notice an illness or injury. Starting treatment early gives your pet the best chance for a speedy recovery. Always talk to your doctor if you have questions while your pet is under treatment in our hospital or continuing care at home.